Techniques for Shoulder, Ankle, Sitting Position and Thoracic Drop

In this course you will learn about:

  1. Shoulder Mobilization: supine
  2. Ankle Manipulation: using total lock
  3. Thoracic Spine Mobilization: c -spine traction, sitting position
  4. Thoracic Spine: drop
  5. Frozen shoulder / shoulder joint mobilization, patient supine (by Dr. Hakim Hassan)

Your Instructor

Kevin Collet
Kevin Collet

Kevin Collet is a French osteopath with a passion for sports, functional anatomy and physiology. He has graduated with a degree in osteopathy and a master in exercise and sport sciences. He has been working both in clinic and on-field with sportsmen and women from recreational level to professional athletes. Beside his work in clinic, Kevin is involved as a lecturer in Degree Programme in Osteopathy. As a teacher, Kevin is appreciated for his skills of putting scientific background into practice and creating a positive learning environment through concrete examples.

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